• Culture


    Yinlu's outstanding corporate culture is a cornerstone for our development from a small workshop of just six people to one of the industry leaders with over 15,000 staffs and a national production and sales network. Our founder's spirits of "credibility, diligence, innovation and responsibility" have been passed down and inherited by all our staffs.


    In the new historic era, bearing the spirits of broad, open and inclusive in mind, we will learn from world-leading enterprises and combine our unique advantages with advanced management concepts of the world in order to create a progressive and win-win corporate culture.






    Create delicious, nutritious and convenient products based on traditional Chinese foods
    And become a trustworthy leader in the food and beverage industry

    • Having our origin in Xiamen China, Yinlu has inherited and condensed the traditional Chinese culture and combined traditional foods and modern techniques to create our nutritious and healthy foods of Chinese characteristics, e.g. Eight-treasure Porridge, Peanut Milk and Milk Peanut and promote them across China and even to the world.
    • Yinlu's policy is to satisfy the all-around high-quality requirements of consumers on the convenience, balanced nutrition and health of foods in the fast-temp modern life.
    • As an industry leader, Yinlu is committed to continuous pooling of talents, technical innovation and improvement of our brand image. We aim to become a leading and trustworthy enterprise with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility apart from our powerful business.




    • 愛心、誠心、良心、是企業的核心,為顧客提供"安全、方便、營養、健康、美味"的食品飲料是全體銀鷺人肩上義不容辭的責任。食品安全是底線,方便快捷是特點,均衡營養是基礎,健康生活是目的,美味享受是升華。
    • 銀鷺在為員工提供良好的職業發展平臺和具有競爭力的薪酬福利同時,努力營造彼此尊重、信任的環境,讓員工在平等、公平的競爭氛圍中找到精神和價值的歸屬與認同,從而實現企業發展和員工成長的雙贏。
    • 從產品的真材實料,到作風的求真務實,銀鷺人腳踏實地,忠誠奉獻,努力為股東創造良好業績,讓投資者在獲得合理回報的同時,尊享銀鷺潛在的商譽價值。
    • 己欲立而立人,己欲達而達人,當銀鷺獲得成功時,也幫助他人成功;當銀鷺發展時,也促進他人發展。銀鷺不僅要把企業經營好,還要系統顧及利益相關方,為全社會創造共享價值。



    誠信 / 拼搏 / 創新 / 責任

    • 誠信:誠信是企業立業之本,也是銀鷺人為人做事的準則。銀鷺人要真誠對待消費者、同事和各利益相關方,堅決反對隱瞞欺詐和弄虛作假。
    • 拼搏:銀鷺創始人秉持"愛拼才會贏"的閩南精神,篳路藍縷創立基業,打造了愛拼善贏、開拓進取的優良傳統。在銀鷺發展壯大的今天,更要發揚光大"拼搏"精神,居安思危,為贏取更大的成功而努力。
    • 創新:創新是企業制勝的利器,也是銀鷺始終走在行業最前沿的推動力。銀鷺人要以獨創的視角、全新的思路,提供獨有的差別化產品和服務,不斷推動生產、經營、管理、產品和服務的創新。
    • 責任:"為自己、為家人、為銀鷺、為社會"是銀鷺倡導的主人翁意識的實踐標準。每個人都是自己、家庭、企業、社會乃至國家命運的主宰者。只有人人盡心盡責,家庭才能和諧和睦,社會才能安定有序地運轉,國家才能繁榮富強。每一個銀鷺人都要恪盡職守,為實現家庭、企業、社會的和諧共贏而努力。